Monday, 24 September 2012

Mobile search: 4 ways it's Different

I talked about mobile marketing several times in the past two months and talked with a lot of mobile marketers. And one of the biggest concerns among the specialists in mobile mobile marketing research.

According to the source, mobile search will exceed desktop at the end of 2013 or 2014 search at halfway. To put it another way: in just a few months your business will be more likely to find themselves on a mobile device on a desktop computer or laptop. (And fear you think that mobile search is only a concern B2C, we noticed the increase in the massive mobile traffic to LogMyCalls just for 3 or 4 months.) (The wave starts to hit).

This has massive implications for any buyer. This means that we understand the mobile search and get ready now. Period.

We will go into some details on how to optimize mobile SEO and mobile PPC in a future article. In this article, our goal is to reveal some data on the mobile search and the scope of the discussion for mobile research moving forward.

There are many, mobile search in many ways is different, but there are the 4 largest and most critical ways.

1). Mobile researchers are ready to buy

There are both quantitative and anecdotal evidence to support this statement. Firstly, Google says that 90% of mobile searches result in action in a single day. Another statistic - in one of the most often cited of the mobile marketing world - says that 70% of mobile searches result in action in less than an hour. Although these statistics are a bit exaggerated (which we have no reason to believe that they are), they are always superb.

Mobile researchers enter the ready to purchase funnel. They have conducted research at the time wherever they perform a mobile search. They are ready to buy immediately.

2). Mobile research produce a disproportionate number of telephone calls

xAd and Google have declared at least a year that mobile searches produce more than 50% of the time of phone calls. It is beautiful. But then a report from Nielsen dropped a bomb on the whole mobile marketing world when they said this: 73% of mobile users say regularly search for and call business phone numbers.

Mobile research produce phone calls at an alarming rate. This has broad implications on the use of mobile marketing tactics and the parameters they use. This also means that Google will make a load of money from their market paid by call (click-to-call) already in full swing. We have

3). Mi SEO is more difficult

In November 2011, Google said that CTR stands almost 90% from position 1 to position 4 in the mobile space. It is much more than SEO. The reason that mobile SEO is the most difficult is not difficult to understand. The screen is smaller and there is less room for the results.

4). Mobile search will continue to grow

As penetration smartphone ridges 55% later this year, mobile search will only increase. As, precisely, it passes desktop search is not known. But it will be soon, probably in 2013 or 2014.

And finally - either in 2015, 2016 or beyond - mobile search will be owner of 70 to 80% of the search market. Finally SEO Office will become a secondary element entirely. The rule changes of mobile search marketers how to build websites, landing pages, followed by google analytics and even optimize their content.

You had better begin to know mobile search right now.

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